O2 Urban Farms Expand

O2 Urbans Farms is expanding! In addition to selling at Westside Brewery, Humberts Meats, and Piazza Discepoli, you can also find their produce at: Party Source, New Riff, the KAA office lobby, Harrison Chiropractor, and possibly Bloc Coffee Company. Thank you to the new additions for helping us support our mission in providing positive WORK opportunities for adults with disabilities

The O2 Urbans Farms has taught our workers a new task!

The picture is of Matt Coy harvesting lettuce. It is the first time having an adult with a disability harvesting, which consists of cutting the lettuce off the stem and chopping the product with scissors into a salad mix. Each type of lettuce at O2 Urban Farms has an unique way to be harvested.

O2 Urban Farms has welcomed a few new additions to support their mission! Ann Poynter, the mother of one of the workers at the farm, will become an assistant at O2 Urban Farms. Marlene Spies will also become the future delivery driver for the clamshells at our retail stores.

If you would like to learn more about our WORK program, contact Mike Tomlinson.


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