Creating live, work and engage opportunities for adults with disabilities

Give Today, Tomorrow

For Adults With Disabilities

For special needs adults, finding community is difficult. Connections formed in school programs often fade. Parents and family worry what the future will bring. You can be part of the solution.

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Volunteer, give or advocate to move our mission forward. Together, we all can make a difference.


Tour our inclusive community and learn how you can help make it happen in Springfield Township.  


Start here for meaningful and inclusive work opportunities and to support special needs adults.


Connect with others through social outings, volunteering and special events. 

At this critical time, the Ken Anderson Alliance promises hope.

  • An innovative, inclusive and supportive community where adults with disabilities can live together with shared services
  • Opportunities for work that are relevant and rewarding
  • A way to give back and support a full range of outings, volunteer opportunities and programs
Developmental Disabilities Community Cincinnati Ken Anderson Alliance


Ken Anderson Alliance is a safe, collaborative community built on kindness and acceptance where individuals are given a diversity of choice that fosters independence and growth. Ken Anderson Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation on a mission to build hope by creating groundbreaking LIVE, WORK, ENGAGE opportunities for adults with disabilities. With your help, the Ken Anderson Alliance can support meaningful connections for our most vulnerable community members.

The Time Is Now

The current conditions are challenging for adults with disabilities.

Without programs like those offered by the Ken Anderson Alliance, this underserved population feels isolated, lonely and dependent. Job prospects are dim. Parents are anxious about the future. Supporters don’t know how to help.

Without KAA’s unique LIVE, WORK, ENGAGE model, these challenges will only grow.

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It’s easy to make life fuller and richer for special needs adults:

Volunteer your time for an outing or fundraising event

Donate to the cause or sponsor an event

Join us, make new friends and inspire hope