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A special needs organization that champions for adults with disabilities

Building Connection and

Ken Anderson Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation on a mission to build hope by creating groundbreaking LIVE, WORK and ENGAGE opportunities dedicated to providing meaningful services to enrich lives. With your help, the Ken Anderson Alliance can support meaningful connections for our most vulnerable community members.


We Believe Every Person Has Value

Customized service models provide opportunities for growth in social and educational areas, as well as in life skills and employment. To that end, Ken Anderson Alliance has a strong outreach component facilitated through community integration, partnerships and activities.

Building Community

Ken Anderson Alliance encourages relationships and meaningful connections with people in neighboring communities to the benefit of all.

We believe every Ken Anderson Alliance participant has a purpose and deserves to feel a sense of pride in being part of a community that seeks the greater good.

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Our Mission

Ken Anderson Alliance provides a quality of life that enables adults with disabilities to develop and sustain lifelong relationships, independence and self-esteem while contributing to the larger community.

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Ken Anderson Alliance is grateful for our sponsors. Please consider patronizing these businesses so that they can continue to support us so generously.

If you would like to become a sponsor and see your business listed here, please email sponsorship@kenandersonalliance.org.



One of the most important long-term goals of Ken Anderson Alliance is to be a catalyst to bring together many of Cincinnati's leading nonprofit and for-profit organizations to benefit individuals with disabilities by sharing knowledge, working collaboratively and supporting each others' missions and programs. If your organization would like to join our effort, please contact us.

It’s easy to make life fuller and richer for special needs adults:

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