Job Support Waiver Programs

Move forward with career planning and employment support services

Planning Services

Among the job support waiver services Ken Anderson Alliance provides, career planning services focus on each individual’s future path.

Move Forward With Career Planning

  • Skill building in job training to advance the individual’s career
  • Development of strengths, leading to competitive integrated employment
  • Emphasis on self-determination and developing self-advocacy skills
  • Behavioral support strategy and if needed, management of individual’s funds and medication administration

For more information, contact us or send an email to Mike Tomlinson at

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Individual Employment Support

Our services for individuals focus on participants learning essential job skills. With a goal of preparing for competitive integrated employment, we offer:

  • Job coaching based on the individual’s interests, strengths, priorities and abilities.
  • Training (both initial for orientation and ongoing) to create safe, successful and enjoyable work experiences.
  • Development of self-advocacy.
  • Guidance in workplace policies, rules and professional behavior.

For more information, contact us or send an email to Mike Tomlinson at

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Employment Support

Ken Anderson Alliance strives to help employees learn and practice workplace skills. 

Working With Others 

Tracking Tasks 

Understanding and using transportation

Self-determination and

Vocational Habilitation

Often referred to as “voc hab,” vocational habilitation provides learning and work experience for adults with disabilities. This experience, which can include volunteer work, helps participants develop the skills needed to transition to integrated community employment. The goal is for the participant to find a job that matches personal interests, strengths and abilities.

Adults in our Vocational Habilitation program learn to:

  • Take care of personal needs.
  • Work well with others on the job.
  • Advocate for themselves in the workplace.
  • Use transportation to get safely to and from their job sites.

These services are offered specifically via our microenterprises; O2 Urban Farms and Just Brew Coffee House.

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Learn About More Programs We Offer

Everyone deserves a chance to use their unique skills and abilities in a job setting where they can flourish.

Opportunity Grows

Part of the Ken Anderson Alliance, 02 Urban Farms employs special needs adults in a safe, comfortable, fulfilling environment while delivering on the promise of amazing, locally sourced produce. See how we nurture growth.

Serving Up Skills

Everything you love about a neighborhood coffee shop, with the added bonus of work opportunities for adults with disabilities. Just Brew, located on Plainfield Road in Silverton, serves beverages, snacks and house-made pastries six days a week.