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A Place For

As the number of adults with disabilities continues to rise in Greater Cincinnati, the need for programming that fosters independence and growth is critical, ongoing and immediate.

A New Approach

The Ken Anderson Alliance community is a setting where adults with disabilities can realize their full potential in a safe, affordable, caring, integrated and supportive environment.

We believe choice is important. We seek to provide residents with a comfortable transition from living with parents or loved ones to building a new life of their own.

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Full of Life

Our new supportive community setting is packed with amenities and located within walking distance of many more. Individual living spaces are customizable with accommodations tailored to the resident’s specific needs. Uniquely organized to provide independence, self-determination and self-governance, the community is designed to meet the physical, emotional, recreational, social and spiritual needs of our residents aged 18 through end of life (or until they require full-time nursing care).


Adults with disabilities crave community, agency and the independence of living on their own. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find an environment that provides support while encouraging self-reliance. Parents may be anxious about their grown children’s future.

Spread The Word

Through our LIVE community, the Ken Anderson Alliance:

  • Provides a unique housing solution for adults with disabilities.
  • Maintains a network of support.
  • Offers employment options and fills transportation needs.
  • Fosters lifelong friendship among residents.
  • Capitalizes on the efficiencies of shared supports.
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Aerial view of Ken Anderson Alliance Community Commons at Springfield

Residential Offerings

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Residential Quads

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Activity and Commercial Space

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More Community Amenities

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An Active Community

The new Ken Anderson Alliance community encourages an active lifestyle with amenities like walkways, a nine-hole putt-putt course, indoor/outdoor exercise areas and a bike trail.

Ken Anderson Alliance Commons at Springfield Community Center

Health and Wellness

The commons includes fields for recreation and an indoor health and wellness facility. Within the wellness facility, there are areas dedicated to physical and mental health wellness such as workout equipment, yoga studios and meditation rooms. Live performances are offered at the community theater for residents and the public.

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New Opportunities

Residents may participate in the community’s conservatory and gardens. Space is dedicated to growing and cultivating vegetables with the goal of having a small farmer’s market. Residents (with support as needed) can prepare and serve simple nutritional lunches on weekdays at the on-site cafe.

A Place to Learn and Grow

Programming at the community education center focuses on life skills and pre-vocational practices and is available to residents and non-residents (for day programs). This component of Ken Anderson Alliance enables the community to partner with other similar services within Cincinnati. The community’s chapel is a nondenominational space for prayer, silence and worship and includes an outdoor prayer garden.

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