Ken Anderson and Ted Karras to Build Community

Ken Anderson Alliance (KAA) announces a partnership with real estate developer Paradigm Construction to develop a residential community to allow adults with disabilities to live independently while also providing supports related to community employment and engagement. Anderson states: “Ken Anderson Alliance was founded to create a community where people with disabilities can LIVE, WORK and ENGAGE. Our partnership with Paradigm will create a residential community where adults with disabilities can LIVE independently. And KAA will provide on-site supports to ensure residents can maintain WORK activities and ENGAGE socially with others in the community.”

Paradigm Construction is currently working with the Village of Merici in Indianapolis on a project to provide housing for people with disabilities. The Village of Merici has gained visibility and support through proceeds from The Cincy Hat project funded by Bengals center Ted Karras. The partnership between KAA and Paradigm is a collaborative effort between Ken Anderson and Ted Karras. Karras describes: “I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help establish independent living for adults with developmental disabilities in Cincinnati by partnering with the Ken Anderson Alliance. The Village of Merici and KAA share a mission, rooted in love and service, and it is an honor to be a part of such a noble cause.”

Paradigm Construction is co-owned by Ted Karras, Zach Douglas and Rick Michaelis. “Paradigm has spent the last 6 months preparing for a pivot from retail single family and multi-family construction to socially impactful construction,” explains Rick Michaelis; “Our full focus for 2024 is to building affordable housing for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are very excited for the growth of this collaboration.”

Zach Douglas adds: ”The prospect of bringing the “American Dream” to life and providing affordable housing units for adults with developmental disabilities aligns perfectly with our mission and values. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to working closely with KAA and their supporters to turn this vision into a reality. Our combined efforts will undoubtedly contribute to creating a better and more inclusive community.”

Creating an affordable LIVE Community with supports for adults with disabilities has been a priority for KAA since its founding in 2017. The fulfillment of this vision Board President Peter Hiltz attributes to the leadership of the current KAA Board and Executive Director Moneau Bialon, explaining, “The Board of Directors has worked meticulously with Moneau and her team to create alliances of higher quality to bring Kenny Anderson’s vision to life. Aligning with Paradigm Construction is bringing aspirations into reality.” Hiltz also adds, “”As a Board or Directors, we never abandoned our focus, we made it more achievable.”

To help us along, we need your input and have provided a link to a “new” inquiry form below.  The data and information you provide will allow us to understand the needs and interests as we seek to provide the best affordable community options.

Click here to go to Inquiry Form

Please note that submitting the inquiry form does not provide a reserved spot in the community. It provides general information to help move forward in the decision-making process.

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