Embracing Inclusivity

Ken Anderson Alliance and The Flying Pig Marathon’s PigAbilities Event

The Flying Pig Marathon, held annually in Cincinnati, Ohio, is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, fun courses, and strong community spirit. While the event garners attention for its main races, there’s another aspect that deserves equal recognition: PigAbilities. This unique event showcases the marathon’s commitment to inclusivity, providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate and celebrate their own triumphs.

PigAbilities is a one-mile event for those with disabilities and the friends and family who support them. Everyone gets to finish by crossing the marathon “Finish Swine.”

Ken Anderson Alliance

The Ken Anderson Alliance is a proud partner and participant, with Team KAA presented by The Basement Doctor raising over $24,000 during this year’s PigAbilities event.

“It meant a great deal to us to raise these funds in partnership with our sponsor, The Basement Doctor,” says Theresa Ciampone, Fundraising Coordinator for the Ken Anderson Alliance. “The funds will support our mission of providing LIVE, WORK, and ENGAGE opportunities for adults with disabilities.”

Empowering Participants

One of the core principles behind PigAbilities is the belief that every individual deserves the chance to challenge themselves and experience the joy of accomplishing athletic feats. The event empowers participants by creating an inclusive environment where they can push their limits, showcase their skills, and gain a sense of achievement. By focusing on what they can do rather than what they can’t, PigAbilities encourages individuals with disabilities to embrace their unique strengths and celebrate their own victories, regardless of their finishing times.

“PigAbilities is a great opportunity for my daughter, Maddy, to engage with everyone,” says Laureen Scott. During a Zoom interview, Maddy proudly holds up her medal for finishing the event as a member of Team KAA presented by The Basement Doctor.

“Maddy was so happy to participate in the event and help raise some money for the Ken Anderson Alliance, a nonprofit organization that goes above and beyond for these young adults,” says Laureen. “I love everything they do. The volunteers are nice, and the staff is wonderful.”

Promoting Unity and Community

The Ken Anderson Alliance’s partnership and participation with the PigAbilities one-mile event has always been about more than just running or crossing the “Finish Swine;” it’s about forging connections and building a strong community. PigAbilities plays a significant role in fostering a sense of unity among participants, volunteers, and spectators alike. It serves as a reminder that sports and physical activities have the power to bring people together, transcending any perceived differences. It truly is a celebration of all abilities, which is a cornerstone of the Ken Anderson Alliance’s mission.

Ken Anderson Alliance

When talking with Maddy and her mother Laureen, it is apparent just how supportive the Ken Anderson Alliance is of adults with disabilities and their families.

“As a parent of a child with a disability, my biggest fear was finding something for her to do as an adult,” says Laureen. “There are a lot of opportunities for little kids, but not as many for adults with disabilities. I wondered, ‘What’s going to happen when she gets older? What’s going to happen when she ages out of school?’”

Maddy’s involvement with Team KAA presented by The Basement Doctor, proved to be a transformative experience. Not only did it empower her to conquer challenging obstacles, stay physically active, and nurture valuable friendships, but it also granted her a unique platform to raise funds for other meaningful programs within the Ken Anderson Alliance that she actively participates in.

“Maddy is part of the ENGAGE program for 18- to 22-year-olds; she loves participating in the ENGAGE outings,” says Laureen. “She’s also involved in Melodic Connections two times per week; she plays the keyboard.”

Not only is Laureen impressed with the programming, staff and volunteers of the Ken Anderson Alliance, she is equally impressed by its founder, former NFL quarterback Ken Anderson himself.

“Ken Anderson and his wife are very involved in the organization,” says Laureen. “You don’t see that very often; he’s a big celebrity and he’s totally involved in his nonprofit organization.”

Not only was Ken Anderson involved in Team KAA presented by The Basement Doctor at this year’s PigAbilities event, but he also participates in other ENGAGE outings organized by the Ken Anderson Alliance. By fostering a community that embraces and celebrates diverse abilities, Ken Anderson and his organization strive to make a lasting impact in the greater Cincinnati area and beyond.

The Flying Pig Marathon’s PigAbilities and Team KAA presented by The Basement Doctor are shining examples of how inclusivity and determination can combine to create an extraordinary experience. By providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate, PigAbilities showcases the power of sports in promoting empowerment, unity, and community. It serves as another avenue for the Ken Anderson Alliance to promote all abilities while building on future programs, plans and dreams.

Ken Anderson Alliance