Hero Radio: Stories Beyond the Music

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Pictured: Blues musician, Ben Levin, performs his take on the Hero Radio theme song while Ashley, Quincy and Joe listen.

Quincy, Ashley and Joe have been musicians in KAA’s adult day program band for years! Now, they are out in the community every Friday, interviewing local artists to produce their podcast Hero Radio: Stories Beyond the Music. One question they often ask their guests is “Do you believe in magic?” The real magic often happens in the moments between recordings—learning about surprise shared connections with musicians, running into friends at a local coffee shop or witnessing a musician perform their own take of the theme song Quincy, Ashley and Joe write for their show! Thanks to the hard work of direct support professional Justin Todhunter, our podcast members participate in every step of the podcasting process, including recording, editing, researching guests and writing questions.

Pictured: Joe records a question for the podcast at the Cincinnati library

Hero Radio reminds us that music brings us together in community, and that we have more in common with our heroes than we could have ever imagined. Stay tuned for season 5 coming this fall, featuring Cincinnati heroes including Shakespeare actors, world traveling musicians, painters and more!