Linda Chaney: Volunteering for Adults With Disabilities

Linda Chaney, pictured on the left

Sharing joy is just one reason Linda Chaney spends time volunteering for adults with disabilities. At the Ken Anderson Alliance, individuals like Linda who give their time are an integral part of what we do and how we serve. Many of our volunteers find their time with us to be so rewarding that they choose to participate in several areas and activities at KAA. Linda Chaney is a perfect example of a KAA volunteer who wears many hats when it comes to support. 

Linda began volunteering with KAA in November 2021 after retiring from a 33-year career in the chemical industry. She was looking for a nonprofit organization where she could dedicate her free time. She chose KAA after hearing about the organization through a friend who supports our mission. Linda helps out with several of our programs including ENGAGE social outings, community music therapy events,  and o2 Urban Farms. 

Based on her experience, Linda says much of KAA’s impact is made during ENGAGE social outings. “The participants truly want to live their lives as independently and with as much dignity as possible,” she says. “I think having the opportunity to go on ENGAGE outings is really important and fun. Helping the participants work independently is important, as well as living independently as possible.” 

While the program participants have a range of disabilities, she notes they all seek socialization as much as anyone. “Seeing the joy that the ENGAGE program brings to their lives is extremely rewarding,” she says.

Behind the Scenes 

Linda spends much of her volunteering time with the participants, but she also assists with screening and onboarding volunteer applicants. “While a lot of our volunteer applicants have previous experience with disabled people, it is not a requirement,” she says. She believes the main attributes that are helpful for volunteering for adults with disabilities are a deep sense of empathy, respect, kindness and patience. 

Linda encourages everyone to consider becoming a volunteer, whether they are students seeking an extracurricular activity or retirees looking for something to do (or anyone in between.) KAA is a great organization and there is no shortage of need for volunteers. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for KAA in any of our programs, learn more and apply on our volunteer page. 

Sharing is one of the many ways to show your support and help Ken Anderson Alliance champion for individuals with disabilities.

Kevin Potts