Nourishing a Community: o2 Urban Farms Grand Opening

In early August, the Ken Anderson Alliance WORKforce development skills training microenterprise, o2 Urban Farms, opened their doors at 5180 Delhi Road.  

Cultivating the KAA Mission

o2 Urban Farms is an extension of the KAA WORK program. Our mission is to provide meaningful job skills training for adults with disabilities. We use hydroponics technology to bring quality produce to our Cincinnati community, focusing on consumer and environmental health and education.

Our goal is to allow adults with disabilities the opportunity to practice transferable job skills with the end result of competitive integrated employment in their communities. At o2 Urban Farms, our participants practice transferable job skills like seeding, transplanting, harvesting, and sanitizing in addition to soft skills like teamwork and problem-solving.

Jason Taylor, Director of Operations, leads our participants to harvest abundant fresh lettuce and learn life-long job skills. The team raises fresh artisanal produce year-round that is sold to local restaurants and at retail establishments throughout Cincinnati. 

What is Hydroponics Farming?

After moving from the old Glenmore Avenue location, o2 Urban Farms shifted their growing technique from aquaponics to hydroponics. Hydroponic farming is the process of growing produce without soil. Instead of a flower bed, lettuce roots are submerged in a water and nutrient solution. At o2 Urban Farms fresh lettuce begins at the seed. The plant is nurtured on a flood table until it’s large enough to be transplanted into a hydroponic tower. Once inside the tower, it takes six to eight weeks to harvest. A single tower can produce up to 130 heads of lettuce. Thanks to this abundance, the farm sells 4 oz and 9 oz lettuce blend bundles.

Get Involved: o2 Urban Farms Grand Opening

Please be a part of our exciting new venture!  All are welcome to join KAA for the Grand Opening on September 7th from 1PM to 3PM at 5180 Delhi Road, Cincinnati, 45238.  Admission is free, but please RSVP here so we can plan appropriately.

Ken Anderson will lead the ribbon cutting ceremony. Guests can tour the farm, sample varieties, purchase lettuce to take home, and learn about hydroponics technology and the mission of the KAA Work programs.  Want to support more programs like this? Find out how to support our growing community.

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