O2 Urban Farms

Growing earth-friendly jobs for special needs adults 


In partnership with Ken Anderson Alliance, O2 Urban Farms offers so much goodness: good food and good jobs that are good for the earth.

Getting To Work

Harnessing the power of aquaponics, O2 Urban Farms employs special needs adults in a safe, comfortable and fulfilling environment.

Together, the team raises fresh artisanal produce year-round that is sold curbside, to local restaurants and at retailers throughout Cincinnati.

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Fish, Water and Plants

Aquaponics combines aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (using water to grow plants) in a small human-made ecosystem. It creates optimum conditions for both fish and plants. Fish produce ammonia waste through respiration and feeding. This waste is converted to nitrogen through beneficial microorganisms. The plants’ roots absorb the nitrogen to help them grow. Aquaponic produce grows faster with no soil, no pesticides and minimum inputs.

From the Farm to Your Table

Our delicious artisan lettuce mix can be purchased at all of the locations in the Greater Cincinnati area listed below.

Each location has a cooler filled with 3-ounce packages of lettuce priced at $5 each. Purchase with cash or your credit/debit card by using the scan code located on the cooler.

You can also wear your 02 Urban Farms support with our branded apparel.

cincinnati developmental disablities employment ken anderson alliance urban farms

The People Behind the Produce

Our crew of urban farmers is led by Tim Sundrup, director of operations, Ann Poynter, administrative assistant, and Mike Tomlinson, employment specialist. We go beyond aquaponics to build job skills while promoting an environmentally beneficial approach to agriculture. O2 Urban Farms also relies on our board of directors, volunteers and Ken Anderson Alliance colleagues to meet our mission. 


How can you help 02 Farms mission of growing good food and good opportunities for adults with disabilities? It’s easy!


Volunteer at our facility in Westwood


Learn about giving options for individuals and corporations.


Make your purchases matter. 

Learn About More Programs We Offer

Everyone deserves a chance to use their unique skills and abilities in a job setting where they can flourish.

Serving Up Skills

Everything you love about a neighborhood coffee shop, with the added bonus of work opportunities for adults with disabilities. Just Brew, located on Plainfield Road in Silverton, serves beverages, snacks and house-made pastries six days a week.   

Discover Your Awesome

Celebrate Edu empowers people with disabilities through online business and entrepreneurship education. The organization offers online and in-person training. Through our collaboration, the KAA is able to host and facilitate Kindle and Spark workshops.

Job Support Waiver Programs

Ken Anderson Alliance supported employment programs are tailored to each person’s career goals, skills and interests. Our assistance and services help our participants find and maintain jobs.