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One part of KAA’s mission is enhancing work opportunities through collaborations with other agencies that serve the same population. Together, we work with local companies to create employment opportunities for adults with disabilities. These work opportunities range from simple, repetitive tasks to roles that require experience and technical know-how. 

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Opportunity Grows

Part of the Ken Anderson Alliance, 02 Urban Farms employs special needs adults in a safe, comfortable, fulfilling environment while delivering on the promise of amazing, locally sourced produce. See how we nurture growth.

Serving Up Skills

Everything you love about a neighborhood coffee shop, with the added bonus of work opportunities for adults with disabilities. Just Brew, located on Plainfield Road in Silverton, serves beverages, snacks and house-made pastries six days a week.   

Discover Your Awesome

Celebrate Edu empowers people with disabilities through online business and entrepreneurship education. The organization offers online and in-person training. Through our collaboration, KAA is able to host and facilitate Kindle and Spark workshops.

Job Support Waiver Programs

Ken Anderson Alliance supported employment programs are tailored to each person’s career goals, skills and interests. Our assistance and services help our participants find and maintain jobs.

Because Work Matters

Everyone deserves a chance to use their unique skills and abilities in a job setting where they can flourish. Unfortunately, it can be hard for adults with disabilities to find appropriate job opportunities. The Ken Anderson Alliance understands the importance of employment.

Through our WORK programs, the Ken Anderson Alliance:

  • Helps adults with disabilities develop independence and self-esteem.
  • Partners with other community agencies to increase our impact.
  • Fights back against social isolation and loneliness.
  • Fosters higher achievement and meaningful employment.
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