Tim Sundrup

Tim Sundrup, O2 Urban Farms Director of Operations

Tim Sundrup is a native westside Cincinnatian. He received his bachelor’s degree in biology from Xavier University.  After graduating he served in the Jesuit Alumni Volunteers teaching in southside Chicago. He received a master’s degree in divinity in Berkeley, CA before finally returning to Cincinnati. He began volunteering with O2 Urban Farms before becoming the Director of Operations in September of 2019.

Tim sees O2 Urban Farms as being at the intersection of science and social change.  The science behind an aquaponics system mimics nature’s closed loop systems and revolutionizes our food production process while also being on the cutting edge of ecological justice and environmentalism. He is thrilled to work with such a remarkable team of people from an often-marginalized section of our community and provide a safe and dignified workspace. Each person on the team brings a unique set of talents to the farm that is integral to its success.