The Story Behind Autism Rocks

David Kahle is a wonderful volunteer for the Ken Anderson Alliance.  His event, Autism Rocks, raised more than $30,000 in support of KAA services. 

Why did you start Autism Rocks?

Autism Rocks started as a benefit show for my son Parker when he was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder back in 2007-08. The benefit featured local bands like Stagger Lee, The Sonny Moorman Group and Prizoner. Scott McCroby, the bassist in Prizoner, was a good friend of mine. He and I were sitting in the Green Room after the show and almost simultaneously we looked at each other and said “We have to keep this going.”  We met up a few days later, created a logo and the brand name “Autism Rocks,” and started the first website and that was how it all began. 

Why did you choose Ken Anderson Alliance to partner with for AR?

I met Ken six years ago and he told me about his nephew Drew, who had just aged out of the program he was in. I learned from Ken the struggles that the family was having now that Drew was an adult – and it opened my mind to the realization that someday my then 9-year-old son (now 15 years old) would soon be an adult and we would possibly be facing some of the challenges that Drew’s family was experiencing. I realized that I shared the same common interest as Ken in an assisted living community with Live Work and Engage opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. 

What is your favorite part of AR?

All the smiles on faces of our special friends.

How can someone become involved with Autism Rocks12?

Become a sponsor!!  You can also volunteer by following Autism Rocks Cincinnati or The Ken Anderson Alliance on Facebook, message me or The Ken Anderson Alliance through Facebook, message the through their website or call the office. 

Sharing is one of the many ways to show your support and help Ken Anderson Alliance champion for individuals with disabilities.

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