Grant Provides Job Skills Training for Adults With Disabilities

The P&G Alumni Foundation Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation supports new opportunities in Cincinnati through the Ken Anderson Alliance.

Approaching its one year anniversary, Just Brew Coffee House, an extension of the Ken Anderson Alliance (KAA), provides employment training and future community job opportunities for adults with disabilities. This new venture was funded in part by a grant from the P&G Alumni Foundation Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation.

Just Brew is a key pillar of the Ken Anderson Alliance WORK program, offering employment training and job skills development to adults with disabilities. The coffee house opened in Silverton, Ohio, in July 2021 adjacent to the KAA office. The project was funded in part by a grant from the P&G Alumni Foundation Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation. There are currently 12 adults employed at Just Brew.

The generous grant from the P&G Alumni Foundation Fund sustained Just Brew’s operations through its starting phase covering training costs, materials, and supplies. During training, employees learn to serve as room attendants, food preparers, and cashiers acquiring customer service, inventory control, and cash management skills. Training is ongoing as employees master more positions at the coffee house. 

“The grant from the P&G Alumni Foundation Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation allows us to fulfill Just Brew’s mission as a place where coffee brews purpose,” said Kevin Potts, executive director of the Ken Anderson Alliance. “The coffee house empowers workers using the knowledge they already have while building new skills.” 

Just Brew trainees interact with customers in a variety of ways, strengthening communication and customer service skills while simultaneously showing others that work is valuable and can make an impact. They also learn to collaborate as a team. Just Brew is partnering with other businesses that employ individuals with disabilities to sell items in the shop. 

“We hope to serve as a stepping stone for individuals to take what they have learned at the coffee shop to employment positions in businesses throughout the community,” Potts said.

KAA’s Newest Partner

As Cincinnatians, the Ken Anderson Alliance is acutely aware of the significant positive influence that P&G, its employees, and alumni have upon this community. KAA is honored to add the P&G Alumni Foundation as a partner in their mission of creating job opportunities for adults with disabilities.

The connection began thanks to Miguel Garcia, who served P&G for 28 years in finance/accounting. He first connected with the Ken Anderson Alliance when his daughter joined the ENGAGE program in 2018. This program offers outings for adults with disabilities to connect with their peers and the community. Garcia became a loyal donor of KAA and now serves as a consultant in the design and promotion of the Just Brew Coffee House. He is also leading a separate effort in establishing a strategic plan and consulting on management functions.

“Miguel’s volunteerism with KAA is a prime example of the tremendous contribution that is possible and the impact it has on adults with disabilities,” Potts said. To continue the partnership with P&G, KAA Volunteer Coordinator Theresa Ciampone will actively recruit other volunteers from among P&G alums and current employees.

KAA has always believed that WORK can be meaningful, provide above-minimum-wage compensation, and lead to greater economic independence and community. This project is a key part of KAA’s mission to provide LIVE, WORK, and ENGAGE opportunities. 

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