KAA ENGAGE Program October Update

ENGAGE Makes New Friends in Silverton

The Engage Program is all about relationships. Since our participants live all over the Greater Cincinnati area, we provide a variety of outings all over the city. Some places have become special to us because of the relationships we have developed there. I will highlight two of these special places right in the neighborhood of our new office in Silverton.

The first special place for us is MVP Bar & Grill, which is just down the street from our office. We participate in some of their trivia nights and the staff has been very welcoming to us. Our team has placed in the top three several times, but regardless if we win any prizes, we always have fun. 

One trivia night stands out in my memory: A woman was playing trivia by herself at the bar near our table. She started noticing that our team (especially two specific participants) were getting most of the music questions correct. She came over and started asking their advice and they were very happy to help her. This memorable scene is a classic example of someone in the community seeing the ENGAGE participants for their abilities instead of their disabilities. 

The second special spot is the Silverton Café. The cafe hosts karaoke every Thursday, and David Kahle, the DJ there, is a friend of KAA. He offered to start Karaoke early once a month so that our ENGAGE participants would get a chance to sing and not have the outing run too late. The participants tell me all about how much fun these evenings are. They love how everyone in the restaurant claps for them and enjoys their performances. 

Thank you Silverton for making KAA feel welcome and part of the community! 

You’re Invited

Have you visited our new office space yet? You’ll find a friendly face behind our front desk, and of course, a whole crew of people eager to serve you at our next-door coffee shop, Just Brew. We hope to see you soon!