KAA ENGAGE Program December Update

What’s in Store for KAA December Engage Outings?

The Engage Program has been enjoying the holiday season. We are attending several special holiday events in December including the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo, the Holiday Train Exhibit at Behringer Crawford Museum, & the “Elf” Play at the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts as well as a Holiday Concert by KAA’s own Emily King & her Dad. 

The Engage Program also believes in giving back to the community during the holiday season. Our participants did four shopping trips starting in October to buy holiday toys for kids in need. They had so much fun picking out the toys they thought the kids would like. At the end of his holiday toy shopping outing, Peter commented “This was really fun & a good thing to do!” 

The Engage Outing Program’s giving spirit also extends to our volunteers.  KAA volunteer Ron generously doubled our budget on our last two holiday toy shopping trips. The KAA Engage Program donated twenty-four bags of toys to Toys for Tots to help brighten the holidays for kids in need!

The Engage Outing Program is looking forward to spending time together in the community and continuing to give back in 2022!