KAA Chosen as Ohio Beer Fasting Man Charity

We’ve all heard the latest fasting and diet trends, like intermittent fasting and diet cleanses, however, the co-owner of 16 Lots Brewery, Del Hall is taking it to another level. He has chosen KAA as his “Ohio Beer Fasting Man” charity. We’re honored that he is helping support the Ken Anderson Alliance in the process. For the fourth year in a row, Del, also known as the Ohio Beer Fasting Man, will drink only beer and water for 46 consecutive days. Starting on Wednesday, March 2, Del will start his fast which will continue through Easter Sunday, April 17. He is expected to lose 40 pounds in the process!

With a daughter with special needs and as a huge supporter of KAA, Del saw this as a great opportunity to conduct his fast while supporting KAA. Del is hoping you will show your support and donate to cheer him on during his fast. All funds raised will support adults with disabilities in KAA’s LIVE, WORK, and ENGAGE programs. 

KAA Chosen for Ohio Beer Tasting Man Charity

You Can Help the Ohio Beer Fasting Man Charity 

Please show your support to Sergeant Del. Thank him for choosing to help adults with disabilities by using the form below to give to KAA. Go, Del, go!

Sharing is one of the many ways to show your support and help Ken Anderson Alliance champion for individuals with disabilities.

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