A Year in Review and What’s Ahead: KAA 2022 Impact Report

2022 was a milestone year for KAA: Autism Rocks 13, Ridin’ & Rockin’ for KAA, Wine Over the Rhine and the KAA Golf Classic are just a few of the many successful fundraising events that have helped us magnify our mission of LIVE, WORK and ENGAGE. 

We also want to say a special thank you to our KAA community who continue to amaze us with their ongoing support. We are so grateful for every fundraising event that was organized to benefit KAA. This includes: Bengal Jim & Friends Before the Roar Tailgate Experience, Del Hall & 16 Lots Brewing Company, NKU Student Bar Association, and Phil Amrein’s Super Bowl Raffle.  We want to give a special big Thank You to DSAGC for hosting the David Lapham and Ken Anderson Charitable Golf Outing in support of our shared mission. Thank you!

Here’s a rundown of everything else we achieved together, along with what’s in store for the future of all of our programs:


We are so excited to share more news about The Commons at Springfield in 2023. These residential facilities will allow adults with disabilities to realize their full potential in a safe, affordable, caring and supportive environment. Stay tuned as we prepare to launch our major fundraising campaign in late 2023. The Commons at Springfield will house 170-202 residents when completed with occupancy beginning in Fall 2025.


In 2022, KAA enhanced our micro-enterprise businesses by adding a Just Brew location in Harrison and a brand new o2 Urban Farms facility! Through our WORK program, Just Brew Coffee House and o2 Urban Farms train adults with disabilities with transferable skills and then help them find competitive, integrated employment in the Greater Cincinnati area with support from KAA job coaches. In 2023, we expect a 350 percent increase in employment services as we increase our capacity to train nine individuals per month.


Launched in 2017, our ENGAGE program provides monthly outings for recreation, volunteering and peer-to-peer social interactions. Favorite outings include dining out, movie nights, sporting events, karaoke and much more. Due to the generosity of the L&L Nippert Charitable Foundation, the Spaulding Foundation, and the Charles H. Dater Foundation, KAA expanded the ENGAGE program by adding outings and life skills development for transition-aged youths (18-21). Each year we hope to keep growing our impact: KAA now serves 250+ adults through our ENGAGE programs. 

Here’s our vision for ENGAGE in 2023: For ages 22 and older, we are striving to add additional outings each month so that participants can experience more choices  increasing engagement (number of participants times outings) by 85%. For ages 18-21, we plan to double the number of outings so we can grow engagement by 50%. Our growth is all thanks to YOU! Your support and participation are critical components of our fundraising efforts to secure our mission to serve adults with disabilities. 

Adult Day Services

Opened in June 2021, KAA’s Adult Day Services program offers experiences in three focus areas: music performance, arts exploration, and community engagement. The program is currently at maximum capacity with 125 spots filled, but we are looking for options to expand and accommodate the overwhelming need for daily engagement. In 2023 our Adult Day Services program will see a 13 percent increase with a new program offering.

Music Therapy

Beginning in September 2022, Melodic Connections re-launched our extremely popular music therapy program. The program provides community music therapy as well as individual and group classes designed to celebrate individual strengths through music performance, creation and exploration. In 2023, we are planning a 40 percent capacity increase. New programs are launching this Spring. Stay tuned!

All Thanks to You

The Ken Anderson Alliance is a safe, collaborative community built on kindness and acceptance where individuals are given a diversity of choice that fosters independence and growth. We couldn’t have achieved all this growth without the support of our incredible community. If you made a donation, attended an event, or shared a campaign on social media – thank you. Because of your generosity, the Ken Anderson Alliance can support meaningful connections for our most vulnerable community members. In 2023, we will stay faithful to our mission to build hope by creating groundbreaking LIVE, WORK and ENGAGE opportunities for adults with disabilities.