Meet PLAY Volunteer David Keam


How long have you been a volunteer with KAA?

I have been with KAA for a little over a year. 

Why do you volunteer with KAA outings? What kind of outings do you typically do?

I volunteer with KAA to give back to the community. It’s a great way to meet new and interesting people from all walks of life. I am a regular at the Freestore Foodbank and Matthew 25 outings. 

What would you say to someone considering volunteer with KAA?

 KAA is a wonderful place to volunteer your time. The clients absolutely love and appreciate the numerous outings the organization puts together each month. Volunteering with KAA makes a difference in the lives of everyone who participates, including the volunteer. 

What is a favorite memory of an outing or individual connection?

One of my first times volunteering with KAA was a Xavier soccer game. It was a hot day and our group was feeling the heat. I just remember that although we were all uncomfortable, the whole group was happy and having a great time. We all made it through the whole game!

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