Kevin Potts MSc.

Kevin Potts, Executive Director

Kevin Potts joined the team in 2019 as executive director of the Ken Anderson Alliance. At KAA, Kevin focuses on growing the vision of creating LIVE, WORK and ENGAGE opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. He believes that one key to realizing the heart of KAA’s mission is to connect with Cincinnati’s giant heart for service, philanthropy and opportunity. 

Hailing from the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, Kevin brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the senior and disability services realms. He has led several organizations, including his own business, in major growth and extension of equitable services for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). He is recognized as an expert and champion in the design and implementation of support services for adults and children with disabilities, as well as senior adults. 

Kevin has had a passion for helping others since an early age, when he was nurtured by an uncle with Down syndrome. Time spent with this cherished family member has always informed Kevin’s work, and he has dedicated his career, from an early age, to a vision of creating the best experiences for those society often neglects. He attended Carson Newman University and Alabama A & M, ultimately achieving graduate degrees in counseling and clinical psychology. From there, he spent time in both Tennessee and Kentucky, establishing a reputation of excellence and integrity, working with state and federal mandates to advocate for the best possible care and access to community-based living for the elderly and individuals challenged by IDD. 

Kevin believes that these individuals should have every opportunity and choice to experience a life enriched by the same opportunities that everyone else has: to live independently, to work and develop a career, and to play and participate in their community. He chooses to see people’s abilities, not their disabilities.