We Need Your Support: 2021 Annual Appeal

KAA relies on supporters like you to continue our mission of providing LIVE, WORK, and ENGAGE opportunities for adults with disabilities. We are incredibly grateful for everyone who attended our fundraisers, shopped at our store, volunteered with our participants, and visited our coffee shop this year. With the giving season right around the corner, we humbly ask for your support once again as we prepare for even more outreach in 2022.

Our Mission

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The need is greater than ever for programming that fosters independence and growth. Our mission is built on three pillars: LIVE, WORK, and ENGAGE.


One of the greatest ways to foster independence is by living in a supportive community. Adults age 18+ will soon have the opportunity to live in a one-of-a-kind community, The Commons at Springfield. There will be a variety of living options including apartments and independent housing. Plus there will be amenities like a restaurant, theater, an indoor wellness facility, and a multi-purpose sports field.


The Ken Anderson Alliance is committed to providing in-house opportunities for our participants, along with resources to find employment beyond our organization. The Just Brew Coffee House, which opened in July 2021, provides employment opportunities in a fun environment filled with happy customers and warm hospitality.


There are many ways for adults to engage in the community. Our ENGAGE outings happen throughout every month and include opportunities like volunteering at Matthew 25 Ministries and eating lunch at one of our favorite places in Silverton. We also have adult day services which focus on social skills and peer relationships; this includes an opportunity to jam out with Melodic Connections, which connects people and builds community through the power of music.

Give Today

We invite you to be part of the action by visiting our office, located at 6940 Plainfield Road. Explore the inclusive spaces, shop our store, and grab a cup of coffee. For a limited time, donate to the Ken Anderson Alliance in the amount of $100 in our office and receive a limited edition, autographed bottle of bourbon in celebration of Ken Anderson’s inauguration into the Ring of Honor. This is a one-of-a-kind special gift that must be picked up at the KAA office. 

We would be honored and grateful to receive any gifts you choose to give. To donate to the Ken Anderson Alliance, you can mail checks to our office or click on the link below: